Tired of repeating myself to childerbeast (mine and others) who choose to take absofuckinglutley no notice of anything they are told or asked and then start crying or get the hump when they get told off!

Sick of being continually backchatted to, lipped and defied at every turn.

 Not emotionally prepared for a 5 year old who has her first sleepover and then callously announces on eventual return home that she did not miss any of us, is not happy to be home and wishes she could live somewhere else forever.

Considering a job at Morridogs stacking shelves or working down the carwash with the Polish.  (I know that technically it should be Poles but Polish looks more pleasing to my eye because it could also say polish, like Mr Sheen.  I also know that Poles could also mean poles but it’s my blog and I’ll say Polish if I want to because frankly that’s the kind of Monday I have had!)

 The next person who quips that my job is easy because of finishing at 3pm is going to get a bunch of fives and a work experience they will never forget. A day working with children who need help academically but choose to prat about and bicker throughout the entire day instead, continually chuntering like some kind of Chinese water torture that perhaps might be utilised by MI5 when interrogating double agents or terrorist suspects.  I defy you not to, ever so slightly, go out of your mind with frustration.  Oh yeah, and then go home and deal with your own, also chuntering, bickering, unappreciative offspring.

 It’s 7:30pm and I am going to bed.  Wake me up at Easter.