The hypnotic power of ebay has drawn me in yet again!  In the search for children’s party items for A’s forthcoming birthday next month where she is veering from Harry Potter themed, to Chinese New Year to JLS and back again. I stumbled across life size cardboard cutouts, which we all know I am no stranger to (lest we ever forget Troy Bolton, even now, stashed under my bed in case of a HSM emergency, the now sadly defunct Han Solo and Mel C in mid karate kick that started it all back in 1997 as a comedy gift, for no particular reason, for Father’s Day).


I decided to scroll through all 14 pages of cardboard cutouts in the hope that inspiration might leap from the screen at me and the question that presented itself on page 8 was… Why?


Gordon says… relax



And on page 13…  Exactly how gay is your party that you need a life sized standee of Liberace?

What a gay day!



I have to admit I am tempted to get the Liberace one because you just never know when a quality item like that might just be the thing!