£9-£95 Oh no it’s not (Oh yes it is!)


Name that Tune:    “and my heart won’t beat again, beat again, it’s killing me…” – Beat Again, JLS

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay!” – Hot Chick

 Successful trip to the Panto accomplished and childerbeast didn’t complain (much) at all about being trailed around Leeds on a mission for school pumps.  Clarks shoe store seriously?  £9 for P.E. pumps?  They’re £1.50 in Asda FFS!

 Managed to get R a purple coat, as requested, which actually cost more than my new coat – typical that all the coats in the sales were not purple. 

    Childerbeast spent their vouchers received for Christmas and are now happily ensconced in their bedroom playing with some kind of Mission Impossible scenario Playmobil set and A is resplendent in her JLS PJ’s with the heads of Melman, Alex, Marty & Gloria on the front (or whatever their names are…)

 Visiting Scarborough for the day tomorrow and have managed to finally track down a Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters box from the Argos there for A’s birthday in February.  You totally can’t get these things anywhere (unless you count on Play.com who are charging a ludicrous £95!)  It’s a flipping furry box with eyes for crying out loud!  Jeez!


it's a box FFS!



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