May as well look smart for Armageddon


Name that Tune:    “It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes,” – End of the World, R.E.M.

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “Where the fuck is my fucking coat?” – Love Actually

Have you been watching Stargazing Live with that dude from D’Ream?

They talked about these tonight… Coronal Mass Ejection  …and  the possibility that a large enough ‘CME’ could destroy the entire World’s electrical infrastructure and (possibly, maybe), render all comminications, utilities and generally everything as we know it in the modern world… fucked!

 Tinned peaches, candles, extra blankets and bottled water my friends, I’m telling you!

 On a less doom-laden and Nostradamic note, I ordered a new jacket from the ‘New Look’ sale ages ago I am still waiting.  Damn these Bank Holidays! Where’s my coat?  I may need it for when I build myself an Anderson in the back yard – keep myself both warm and smart for the final apocalypse.





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