New Year New You?


Day 2 of 2011 and I haven’t shouted at anyone yet! Although that may just be because I drank too many tequila shots on NYE and thus rendered myself practically immobile all day yesterday. Pinioned to the sofa by childerbeast; a blanket and a headache that felt like the Trooping of the Colour parading through my brain.

 Just in case I couldn’t recall that I thought tequila slammers were a grand idea to see out the old year, someone kindly took pictures.

Sucking lemons - not a good look


 The only attractive thing in this photo is my rack (sorry SB but you chose to hide yours away beneath a cricket sweater so I win, but only because Miss S is not in the picture!)

(It was an Australian themed party BTW hence the cricket whites.) If it’s not that clear, I was in fact loosely styled on a fat, too tall, Kylie Minogue.

 So: sucking lemons and having photos taken at same time do not, a glamorous picture make.  Just Dance 2 for the Wii is way harder that Just Dance 1 (particularly after 4 tequila shots) and I may be drafting a stern letter to the council to complain about the state of the road outside SB’s house.  I will also be putting in a bill for my fabulous killer heels which did not respond well to the muddy road surface, potholes and puddles.

 First brilliant childer-ism of 2011 goes to A who described someone on the TV as being; “even stronger than a pigeon and a balloon” which just about trumps last year’s winner about something being “even badder than onions”.

 Kids are great aren’t they?  I love them best when they are asleep.

 In my quest to do something new and test out unchartered territories for 2011, today I poached myself an egg for lunch. 

Not exactly climbing Kilimanjaro I know, but come on, baby steps here people.  39 and never poached an egg!  Surely a small flutter of applause from somewhere? No? Fine!  Wait til tomorrow when I dust behind the TV!

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