2010 That was the year that was….


Name that Tune:    “And the couples we know are fondly kissing. Will I be with you or will I be among the missing?” – What are you doing New Year’s Eve – Diana Krall  

Movie Quote of the Day:   “Sometimes you gotta learn to love what’s good for you” – New Moon

 So another year is almost over and I am skidding towards 40 at alarming speed – I think I need some kind of therapy to build up to that or I may end up like this: AbsFabs – Birthday

  And how lovely of MSN to let me know that January 1st is New Year’s Day, just in case I wasn’t sure…

 So has 2010 been an enjoyable and/or eventful 365 days? 

 In brief, we had snow; volcanic ash; a new coalition government; earthquakes around the world, floods oil spills; rampaging gunmen and the miracle rescue of 33 Chilean miners. Take That reunited with Robbie Williams, students revolted around the UK and a tram fell of the viaduct in Weatherfield: ITN 210 News Round-Up

  On a personal note, we said goodbye to 2 of A’s teeth and bade a sad farewell to Aunty Jill.

 My Night Out of the Year award has to go to the Platt Fields Park gig with Ian Brown:

 My Read of the Year has to be (and I’m sorry, I never thought I’d hear myself say it) – ‘Twilight’, because let’s face it girls, we’ve all been waiting for Edward so we can all live vicariously through Bella and hope (against hope) that some of the love rubs off on us and our own chosen ones, who’s initial attractive attributes may (or not) be standing the test of time.  Boys, the same applies to you about your ladyloves.

 Standing the test of time and thus being my Pal of the Year, the man like DTR (and not just because he gave me almost 20 years of birthday presents in one go this year) but because despite my crapness at keeping in touch and consistent failure to visit, he remains always there in the background, ready to chat, to help me live vicariously through his lovelife and for always (apart from the ‘Titgate’ thing a couple of years ago) knowing the right things to say.  Big love to you Dave x

 Absentee of the Year goes to Chilverino.  Welcome back my friend, I missed you, and please don’t abandon me again, I can’t take the rejection (and I promise to never forget your birthday)😉

 I love my children more than ever and they continue to amaze, amuse and annoy me in equal measure on a daily basis.  They’re brilliant and without them I would have nothing.  Even on my shittest of days of complaining about my husband (Hey it’s been known… from time to time) and wondering what it’s all for: I can look at my girls and thank him. (But if in 2011 he bangs on any more about crap washing up I will stove him in with a bottle of Fairy Liquid).  Xx Love you Mr B (sometimes… mostly… more than you think).

 I have learned this year that to be all consumed with passion can burn you out and lose you friends, but if you are very lucky, some (one or two?) of the friends will still be there when the dust settles and you realise that the all consuming no longer all consumes.

 I now know it takes a fucking long time and a lot of patience, faffing about and putting up with ginger jokes to return to blonde form spending a year with Aubergine coloured hair.

 I have learned that you cannot buy Pez in the shape of Jesus in this country and this is surely some kind of flaw in the market that could, in all probability, although not actually likely, solve Britain’s recession

(Possibly) the saviour of the UK's financial crisis and global hunger


I also learned that Danish Blue cheese does not work well with Strongbow and that crying gives you nothing but red eyes and a runny nose.  Also, that unless you aim to get completely twatted yourself, camping on the periphery of the General Zone at a festival makes for a disturbed night that only an MP3 player and a smoke can ease.

 On a more mystic note I have seen that Retrospect hurts but Fate usually knows what she’s doing and that Karma is not that far behind and that some people are out there, watching, even when you thought they were long gone.

 By the end of 2011 I hope to own a Jesus head Pez – This is the sum total of my material aspirations for next year. Oh and also I want to shout less and listen more and take the Snape approach rather than the Trunchbull.  I am also going to include the word Sex in my tags for each blog to see if this builds up more traffic.

 I will try to be 40 and fabulous and continue to be so until I die, which, according to a recent study, may not be until I am over 100 years old.  Fuck!

 So what does the future hold?  Who knows? And TBH who wants to know?

 I like surprises and like the song said, if you get knocked down, then get back up again.  Keep Calm and Carry On and all that.  I do know this though for 2011: – Cruise in Chester have got tickets left for the PA by Wagner for only £6.


I think I'll pass, thanks

 Here are some of my favourite photographs from 2010.

Beaming at Beamish - August


Skanking in the DubStep tent - Moorfest, August


Conversing with the flowers - Stretford, Easter

Who the F is Alice? - Mad Hatter Party, Aug

Best Photobomb - August

In the throes of Ian Brown - June

Collective Childerbeast - Beck Hole, August

Best Wavehop - Boro, August

Stealth photo with TC - Platt Park, June

Best double exposure photo - The Plough, Dec

Christmas Day

Never too old to sledge

Christmas Childerbeast

Have an awesome New Year’s Eve and I wish all of you (that’s around 5 people haha) a Fabulous 2011.  Thank you for sticking with me.  Keep the faith and stay with me – I improve with age, a bit like a Stilton 😉

Ciao Tutti and see you in the next life brother.. (and Little Miss Sunshine, I’ll see you in February! Xx

PS – Oh Wow! I almost forgot this totally awesome Christmas miracle.  On Christmas Day we opened the marmite at breakfast time and look! It’s the face of Jesus (or possibly just an 80’s acid smiley)

Marmite Messiah


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