Lunar Times


Surely a portent of something for my birthday.  Have every intention of getting up early to check it out (£50 says I probably don’t though).
One year I will get to Stonehenge on Winter Solstice day – should imagine not as busy with crusties and wizards as Summer Solstice day.
Also, fact that I was born on a solstice day probably explains many things. (Same applies to you sister dude but years younger)
Bman is downstairs making me a Lemon Megingue Pie birthday cake, which I hope is worth the wait because he told me he would make me one the first year we hooked up – back in 1995 -and every year since, I have waited in vain for this fucking pie!  (and the man wonders why he never gets a blowjob) hahahaha (Ow… that laugh hurt my already fragile chest).

once in a blue moon my friend

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