Snow Free Sunday & the Curse of Aled Jones


Name that Tune:  “I’m holding very tight, I’m riding in the midnight blue, I’m finding I can fly so high above with you” – Walking in the Air, Peter Auty

 Movie Quote of the Day:  “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” – Elf

So as I was defragging my wardrobe this evening and singing along with ‘Songs of Praise’ I wondered whatever happened to Peter Auty and whether he sits in a damp bedsit wearing fingerless gloves, warming his feet on the electric fire and drinking himself into a stupor, cursing Aled Jones for the whole ‘Walking in the Air’ thing? I had a Google (as you do) and it turns out he did okay as it goes, which made me feel a bit better for the lad.

Went to Morridogs again today, and Iceland, B&M and Netto (hey, never let it be said that we don’t know how to show the kids a good time on a Sunday). Didn’t see anyone taking a shit up a shop window today though, so that was a relief. Snow’s all gone, just in time for the toboggans I ordered for the kids and the snowball making gadget I got for A, who struggled to form a decent ball last week. You have to get one of these things, you will never be soggy gloved

Make sure you don’t let your kids type ‘Snowballer’ into Google though, because that’s a whole different type of snowball, as I found out to my naive horror when I was looking for one of these bad boys!

Do you know what else is fun? – Coming home and finding glass all over the bathroom floor and realising that it’s been so damn cold that the bathroom window has cracked and dropped to bits. Luckily it’s double glazed and it’s just the glass on the inside but even so – we could do without the hassle of getting a glazier out. Just add it to the list of things that need doing around the house.

What is awesome though is having a great pal who has made up for having forgotten my birthday on an almost regular basis since we met back in 1990 with a very generous festive contribution. Big massive love to my most excellent of friends – you know who you are…

On the subject of birthdays, I am playing it down TBH. Skidding towards 40 at a rate of knotts is not something I particularly want to shout about. A pleasant luncheon out in Leeds with the Bman and the childerbeast and a float round the BHS Christmas Shop will do for me next week (Tuesday 21st, just in case you wondered; not that I am angling for a card or anything…)

Ciao Tutti Xx

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