Brandy & Pie Dilemma, except it’s not because I’m gonna have them anyway


So, firstly is it pushing the boundaries of decency to have a brandy coffee before 4pm on a weekday?   I am out of work and at home, not like in the staffroom or hiding in the stock cupboard or anything.

TBH I feel that I am justified and my reasons are thus:-

• It’s bloody freezing

• It’s kind of, almost, Christmas

Bman came to see A‘s Xmas Production today and forgot the camera even though I had specifically asked & left it out on the table for him to pick up on his way out.   He asked if he was ever going to hear the end of it, but I told him that harping on about small errors and mistakes that your spouse may make because they are, after all, only human, is more a trait of his than of mine.

• I sat with an inmate today trying to establish a rapport & thought we were cool until they later started going for someone with their weapon of choice… a chair. What a waste of my negotiating skill. That’s 40 minutes of my life that I’m never getting back…

…Bring on the Napoleon and easy on the Nescafe.

Secondly, is it just too much to have a giant Yorkshire pudding, with a pie in it, and chips, and peas and gravy?

I love giant Yorkshire pud, chips and gravy – but I also fancy a vegetable pie, peas and gravy. I am very hungry and (see first 4 reasons for the brandy coffee), I feel as though I need to treat myself.

TBH I don’t care what anyone thinks – I am going for it.

Live episode of Corrie tonight. Hope it doesn’t all go tits up & nobody farts, throws up, fluffs their lines or falls over (unless it was actually in the script). . .


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