Corrie Big Bang and Elderly Times


Name that Tune: “Ignite the light and let it shine…” Firework, Katy Perry

 Movie Quote of the Day: “Find the joy in your life” – The Bucket List

Man I love British TV… Even if you don’t watch Corrie you should totally iPlayer last night’s episode ITV-iplayer-Corrie

Monday night telly hasn’t been that entertaining since Spooks used to be on a Monday night and that girl got her face shoved in a vat of cooking oil (I had nightmares for a week).

    To be fair, seeing Rita Fairclough (a personal heroine of mine) buried beneath a vat of gobstoppers wasn’t quite as gruesome but still. If you’re gonna go you may as well be buried alive in a sweet shop. I’d have a damn good try at eating my way out if it was me.



2oz of sherbert pips please Rita when you're ready


 So, Snaps to Coronation Street for pulling out all the stops for the old 50th Anniversary. Even the childerbeast wanted in on the action so I let them watch the first episode then told them I’d watch the later episode with the explosion and crash in order to vet it.

I let them see it on iPlayer this morning, although I did skip forward ahead of the part where crazy John Stape stoves his bunny boiler nutcase friend’s head in with a hammer – my kids don’t need to see that kind of violence.   Perfectly acceptable for them to watch a Metrolink tram hurtling off a viaduct and demolishing Dev’s shop and Rita’s Kabin though.

Yes. I know. Sad that I am excited by a TV soap but fuck it, I don’t care. Frankly I’ll take my excitement where I can get it these days. Skidding toward 40 with the mind of a 17 year old and the aches and pains of a menopausal 55 year old.. it’s pants man!   Should anyone ask – 18 pints of Berocca will do for me on my birthday thanks.

Next year… a Stanna Stairlift and one of those big tartan slippers that you plug in to warm your chilblanes I reckon.

I quite fancied myself as being a Cougar (I believe is the term) once I hit 40 but I don’t think I could face the competition or the effort of dressing in anything other than Everlast trackies and a fleece.

More littlest hobo than man-eating cougar. Hmmmm.

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