Shite Haircut? or just caught short in the street?


Name that Tune: “You need everyone’s eyes just to feel seen. Behind your make up nobody knows who you even are..” – Cooler Than Me, Mike Posner

Movie Quote of the Day: “The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The Mean Reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?” – Breakfast at Tiffany

Am I the only person in the UK that thinks that Bruno Mars song is a bit twee? You just know it will the first dance song at weddings for the next 3 years. “I love you just the way you blah blah blahhh”

My youngest has recently discovered JLS. I have video footage of her song and dance routine choreographed to ‘Beat Again’ that will no doubt be dragged up in 15 years time when I‘m feeling sadistic or she is on the Graham Norton Show lauded as the new Lady GaGa.

Not been up to much this weekend. I wanted to hideaway awhile because last week I started to feel those Mean Reds creeping up to drag me down.      

When they kick in I find that the best course of action is to avoid company so as not to offend anyone by accident, as so often happens when I open my mouth and say something inappropriate or in the ‘wrong tone of voice’.

I did make the heinous mistake of going up to Morridogs today with the childerbeast to withdraw some cash from the ‘magic penny machine’ (as the childerbeast call it). It was magic enough to relinquish £20 but not that magical that it couldn’t mask the sting in the tail of it telling me that I was almost £300 overdrawn. Frankly I didn’t much care for it’s mocking, taunting tone and could swear that the graphics got brighter and began to flash on and off like a warning beacon as I checked my balance. ‘Balance’ being the right word (see also; treading water, clinging on for grim death and living beyond your means).

Tomorrow I get to go to my underpaid, yet highly enjoyable job, to work with kids who are on free dinners telling me about their Xbox Kinect and stack of games that they are getting for Christmas and the overseas All Inclusive holiday they are going on in the New Year.

Sour grapes? Moi? Love to thanks, but can’t even afford sour ones just now.

So, that retail excursion did nothing to lift the spirits; although to be honest, the sight of an Asian dude getting his ass out and taking a shit up against the shutters of the barber shop up the road almost made the trip out worthwhile. (I kid you not). I can only assume that he was not so keen on his haircut and chose to demonstrate such via the medium of faecal activity…

Not for the first time, this raises the question… Where the f*ck do I live? and Mum? Dad? Please can I move back home?


One Response to “Shite Haircut? or just caught short in the street?”

  1. Michael Says:

    Err, yes. Hi Kit. I’ll be back in Leeds/Bradford this Christmas for a few days to see the family – dragging the boys along with me this time. If you’re around at that time would be nice to meet up again. Is your email still the hotmail one?



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