You Can Tell I had a Day Off cos I Blogged Twice & Didn’t Vac


FYI – we are going to get a day off on April 29th for the Royal Wedding.  I might buy myself a tequila rifle for the occasion. (All credit to the mighty Bloggess) .

I wonder if Kate & Wills have a pair on their wedding list (and if not then they totally should). They should also consider one of these, which I recently purchased for myself as a christmas gift.

Roy the Toxic Boy

 Or failing that, a pair of these bad boys, also purchased for myself as a Christmas gift.

Flamingo design AND Vans – what’s not to like?

Animal from the Muppet’s PJ’s, robe, Flamingo Vans and a tequila rifle!  Wow – now that is a look that just couldn’t be Gokked.

 Somewhere amongst this lot is my M-i-L   BBC News – CofE Synod  who bought a new blue coat for the occasion. She is there as a new chair of something or other that’s quite high up in the scheme of things Godwise.  (Chair?  Never fails to make me think of person on all fours or crouched with arms outstretched ready to receive a bottom on their lap.)

The irony of her eldest son having married into such a family of Heathens and hedonists* has not gone unnoticed in ecclesiastical circles.  It’s no wonder that whenever the Bishop calls round for tea we are usually asked to make ourselves scarce.

* Folks, rellies and sibs – sorry about the heathens and hedonists thing but I didn’t think you’d object given the mounting evidence



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