Fright Night


Name That Tune:   “All I want is to be left alone in my average home, but why do I always feel I’m in the twilight zone” – Somebody’s Watching Me, Rockwell  

 Movie Quote of the Day:  “What’s your favourite scary movie? / Showgirls! – Scream 2 (or possibly 3 – I forget…)


So I’m scouring ebay for a couple of Horror DVD’s for us Grown Ups for Halloween once the childerbeast have gone to bed and this is what I find: –


Now TBH I agree with Wolf Creek and 28 Days Later – both quite startling movies in their genre although I wouldn’t recommend Wolf Creek to anyone about to embark on a backpacking trip to Australia as it might give you second thoughts.  (Much as watching ‘Deliverance’ for the first time just before I went on a camping trip in the Canadian wilderness did for me) but I beg to differ on 8 Mile.  Give old Marshall Mathers, & Brittany Murphy (god rest her) a break.  The movie wasn’t THAT bad that I’d class it as a horror.  In fact that scene in the final rap battle when Eminem raises his musclebound arm in the air is pure sex.  Phewee! I could go a bit of Slim Shady.
Loving that there was an ad for learning how to Belly Dance at the foot of the page – a rather alarming prospect I’m sure, hence it’s inclusion on the Horror Genre search page. 
                    Seriously, it’s like the Internet knows all about me!
 In the end I settled for a Tales of the Unexpected DVD.

   Man! David Lynch is a one weird dude!  Is he still alive?  I’d sure like to sit up late drinking with him one night and record that conversation.
So I just googled him and yes he is still alive and I found this info on IMDB:-

Has a taste for low/middle frequency noise, dark and rotting environments, distorted characters, a polarized world (angels vs demons, Madonnas vs whores), and debilitating damage to the skull or brain.  Use of slow-motion during key scenes of violence.  Red curtains.Strobe Lights

 No surprises there but whoah… hold the phone… what’s this? 

After George Lucas saw Eraserhead (1976), he offered Lynch the chance to direct Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) but Lynch turned him down. Lynch felt the film would be more Lucas’ vision than his own

A David Lynch version of Return of the Jedi?  Terrifying!

 PS:  I kept accidentally typing ‘Erasurehead’ instead of ‘Eraserhead’ which would be a whole different kind of scary movie – Andy Bell in spray-on red pants wailing “Oooooooh sometimes” which is the only Erasure song I can remember right now
   Then I went to bed and watched ‘Eraserhead’ which was a lot more whacked out than I remember from when I saw it years ago.  It didn’t help that I fell asleep before the end then woke up and the movie had started all over again which just muddied the waters even more.

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