Tuesday Joys


Bman just called me a retard because I turned over the TV channel while he wasn’t in the room: – he was upstairs playing with himself on the computer (Scrabble – apparently).

I protested at the insult of ‘Retard’ and threw the remote control at him but, given the circumstances, it’s probably a fair assessment… I married him didn’t I?
Meant to be doing the Settle to Carlisle Railway together on Saturday and staying overnight, childerbeast free.  Right this instant that prospect seems about as appealing as sitting in a bath of baked beans in the foyer of Tescos (someone was actually doing this in Chester at the weekend).
Men!  They think they’re All That and it pecks my head right in.  Get a bloody Houseplant instead.
(That’s me blowing a massive childish raspberry BTW.)

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