Child Free – Free as the Wind Blows


Am on the case making plans for my sister’s Hen Weekend for next Spring.

She’s not so keen on the whole Fancy Dress thing and would like something ‘classy’ so I may have to hang fire on that bulk order of Waltons Dungarees and straw hats and have a rethink on the KFC Hen-Do Bucket Combo Deal (24 pieces of reconstituted chicken meat, ½ kilo of coleslaw, 14 Pepsis and a Stripper) 😉

Am going off radar until next week and by ‘off radar’ I mean; out on the streets of Chester tomorrow night on the Lady Stella, with my old partner in crime Little Miss Sunshine, over from Sydney with a party agenda in mind.

If I’m not back online by a Wednesday please send Mountain Rescue out to recover my body. I’d try checking in The Plough first and then perhaps down the back of a park bench in Grosvenor Park or maybe along the canal bank behind The Caspian, because let’s face it… it has been known!

Bman & Childerbeast-free weekend and out on the pop – Bring it on! .


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