Hot New Shoes


Way back when I still had enough of a love life and social life that still warranted the purchase of Killer Heels I was known on occasion to post pictures of my new footwear.

I think it’s time to instigate that practice once more, but let’s not go nuts here people.  I’ve been out of the vamp game for some time now so let us commence gently…

 Check out these bad boys:-


 In the words of Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and my word, even after all these years, the old Dunlop Green Flash never fails to fire up that spark, so when I saw these white/apple babies in every chavs favourite store – SportsDirect – for the bargain sum of £8 I fell in love and had to have them.     Hubba Hubba.


Dunlop Green Flash - apple white


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