Dental Hygiene & Nuclear Holocaust


Name that Tune:  “The man on the wireless cries again… it’s over it’s over…2 Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, Ultravox

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “If however you have had a body in the house for more than 5 days and if it is safe to go outside then you should bury the body for the time being in a trench and cover it with earth” – Threads

 Good News: I didn’t have to have a tooth removed or re-mortgage the house to get it rebuilt. 

 Bad news: I am a scumbag who apparently can’t brush her teeth properly!

 Turns out my gum has been irritated by food crumbs in some hidden crevice stuck between my wonky shaped wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it.   Once she had scraped it all out (Yuk) and filled it with some Swarfega or whatever it is Dentists use, I was right as rain.

 Slightly embarrassing that the situation wasn’t quite as dramatic as I had thought, but on the plus side, it only cost me £20. As an added bonus, the ticket machine on the bus on the way home was broken so we got on for nish… and who said there was no such thing as a free ride eh?

 Not a bad day at all today despite feeling shite again (pre-dentist nerves?  Hypochondriac tendencies?  Fever at prospect of having to spend money I don’t have? – whatever it was it made me feel like passing out at least twice today).  Still managed to baffle the darlings with new fitness routine to ‘Do You Love Me?’ despite my fragile state; which included another addition to the long list of things I never thought I would hear my self saying out loud: – Come on people! Put a bit more effort into your Mashed Potato?”


Going rural tomorrow after work for the weekend – somewhere between Penrith and Keswick I think.  I don’t know to be honest, I’m just a passenger who has relinquished all navigational responsibilities.  Should be okay if weather isn’t abysmal.

Spotted this on AOL today  Saddest IMDB Entry   which amused me for 2 reasons. 

It’s an in-joke between me and the Bman that if ever we have watched anything particularly depressing on TV, one of us will then say “Hey lets watch something a bit more cheerful now…. Like ‘Threads’”  AND I mentioned this movie recently at work and no-one and I truly mean no-one from the dozen strong members of staff had even heard of it!  We had to watch this shit at school!  In fact I saw it twice in school.  Once when I actually lived in Sheffield which made it doubly terrifyin and trust me, this is one scary film.  I had to watch it again at High School in S’Boro but English Teacher said that anyone of a delicate constitution could be excused and sit and read in the girls cloakroom, at which point there was a mass exodus and a bunch of us went for a cheeky Regal Kingsize in the girls loo.

 How can anyone who was at school in 1984,not have been made to watch this film? It was written by the dude who wrote ‘A Kestral for a Knave’ and it had that guy in it who was so fed up of being married to Gail Platt in Corrie that he threw himself off a boat in the Lake District: Also some bird who ended up driving an ambulance in Casualty.

 For anyone who missed it click here: Thread blast scene

 Maybe afterwards you could watch ‘The Road’ then Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.

Sweet Dreams.




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