Bad Day/Good Day


Name that Tune:   “You work at a smile and you go for a ride, you had a bad day” – Bad Day, Daniel Powter

 Movie Quote of the Day:  On the bad days I just want to grab the phone and start dialing numbers. I want to pull my hair and run through the streets screaming.” – Traffic

 So yesterday was not a great day for work success.

 It was one of those days when I felt as though I may end up at the top of someone’s Hit List – perhaps like this poor dude:- Pupil shoots PE Teacher

 I came home from work and abandoned the childerbeast with the Bman & slunk off up to B&M for a birthday present for one of A’s little cronies.  Child-free for an hour to escape into the world of the C3PO. I seriously considered asking if there were any vacancies selling cheap microwave rice and plastic kacka whilst I was in there.  (FYI just in case you needed to know, I opted for a Ben10 badminton set.)

 After the walk to clear my mind and a large does of Vitamin *V* when I got home, things put themselves into perspective and I felt much better.  Tomorrow is another day and all that.

 Have to say that watching a bit of Steve Backshall on ‘Land of the Lost Tiger’ also helped considerably.

      Anyway, tomorrow never comes (as my mum used to say) but today did come, and fortunately was not quite as testing.  Could be worse: I could be the dude in charge of organising the Commonwealth Games in Delhi!  (I totally had to look up how to spell Delhi then – none of the ways I tried looked correct).


On the subject of things falling apart at the seams: – Kat & Alfie back in Eastenders.  Really?  Is that the best they can manage?  Why not bring back Doctor Legg with Lou Beale in tow as his new wife (you thought she was dead but actually it was all just a dream and it’s really still 1985 with Lofty and ‘Meeeechelle” and that punk with the baby and those gay dudes and Roly the dog.

 Am in the process of trying to book a hotel room in Carlisle for when Bman & I do the Settle to Carlisle railway journey next month.  How difficult could that be do you think?  More so than I envisaged I have to say.  Everywhere I think looks okay until I read a review & the place gets slated or someone mentions that the room smelled odd or the breakfast selection was no good and then it doesn’t matter of all the other 750 reviews are great, it just puts me right off and back at square one.  Too much information on the Internet can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help.


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