The ‘I think I may still be hallucinating’ Entry


So I got excited today when I thought someone had ordered an inflatable synagogue (I’m not kidding) but it turns out it was just a bunch of posters and flashcards.

B o r i n g.  

Guess what though? I googled it, because an old friend once told me; “If in doubt just Google it” and it turns out that you CAN actually get inflatable ecclesiastical buildings. No shit!  

Check it out:  

“Spanish company Innovations Xtreme Inflatables has developed the technology to create incredibly detailed inflatables and is now offering its services to create inflatables for sale or hire in an incredibly diverse range that includes an inflatable church, pub, nightclub, castle, a White House, Synagogue and even a Mosque”  

Not for bouncing on but I sure would like to try

And linked from that site: – How much fun does this bad boy look?  

Inflatable sumo waterski doohickey. – Awesome!

My tooth is still giving me hell so I am booked into the Dentist tomorrow afternoon. I shall just tell them to do whatever is cheapest – rip that sucker out. Screw it!  

Who knows, with one lower back tooth gone and then an upper one removed to match I may even look slimmer in the face – Pity it will just be on one side so I could end up looking like Helen Daniels from Neighbours when she had a stroke.  

Fuck It! get them all taken out like rich girls in old times did on their 21st birthdays and get a set of false ones made as a present from their rich Fathers (True: I learned this at Beamish Museum in the summer holidays right before my eldest almost passed out from looking at a set of false teeth made from dead soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo).  

How hard can it be to live on soup and yoghurts for the rest of my life?  


I also learned that people then used to be given cocaine to rub on their gums to cure toothache but I think that I have the propensity for bad temperedness and attitude as it is without throwing coke into the mix aswell.  

I’d better stick to the Ibruprofen. 


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