Living in the World of the DHW


Name that Tune:    “Start spreading the news….” – New York New York, Frank Sinatra

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “I think I’m hallucinating… a while ago the Care Bears were here” – The Money Pit

Reasons to own a parrot as a pet #1

Reasons not to own a parrot as a pet #1  parrot squawks cheating boyfriend

Or just have the affair anyway but don’t coochie with your dirty little secret infront of the parrot.

If the parrot could be rollerskating across a tightrope in your lounge whilst exposing your extra maritals, possibly wearing some kind of hat and singing ‘New York New York’, then that might be cool enough for you to forget about the whole affair thing.  (Tip for you there Wayne Rooney – you’re welcome!)

I did look on YouTube to see if there was any footage of any flamingos riding any kind of bike or scooter but sadly none was to be found.  Pity because that would have been THE COOLEST THING EVER! (if you live in my random World anyway).

 I have toothache and stayed up too late watching crap last night and then woke up too early this morning so I think I may be hallucinating…can you tell?

Early night tonight I reckon, after I have had my weekly attempt to try and win all the Tech they give away on the ‘Gadget Show’.  I don’t even know what most of it is but it all looks fab.




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