Burn after watching


Movie Quote of the Day:   “It was like walking into a lung.  A sulphur stained nicotine yellow & flyblown lung” – Withnail & I 

 Name that Tune:   “Oh I’m fierce and I’m feeling mighty, I’m a golden girl, I’m an aphrodite” – Aphrodite, Kylie Minogue 

 Think I pulled off the old Bullet Head Baxter Fitness Instructor bit okay yesterday.   

I don’t know what I am recovering from the most today – Marathon Wake & Shake classes and spontaneous impromptu sessions mid-lesson to see if the darlings have remembered the routine, or the shock of being a bystander last night at the car-crash that was: The Queen Vic fire on Eastenders!   

Could there have been any more clichés in that episode?  If I had been playing the Eastenders drinking game of taking a tequila shot every time I heard “Get out of my pub!” or some timeworn phrase about “faaaamily” or someone who in real life would clearly have been a goner, miraculously coughing back to life on the pavements of E20, I would have been unable to go into work today for having the mother of all hangovers!   

What a crock of shite!   

 I don’t even watch Eastenders and last night I remembered why?  Phil Mitchell descending into crack addiction within the space of 2 episodes? Do me a favour (‘bruv’) and the part when he burst through the bedroom door in a total facsimile of the “Here’s Johnny” scene in ‘The Shining’ was just a bloody joke. 

Should have watched Time Team instead


 On the plus side I bought tickets for Kylie’s Aphrodite Tour next April for me and my sister 

Whoop whoop Kylie! Kylie! Kylie! Kylie!  I got standing tickets so we can elbow our way to the front.  We want to be close enough so that when she spins past us, the perspiration flings from her armpits & we can taste it’s lovely rose scentedness and flowers will grow in our hair where her sweat should fall.  (Probably) 

We love You Min




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