Lion Taming & Party Blobbing


Name that Tune: “I needed more than just a kiss goodnight” – Won’t Go Quietly, Example  

Movie Quote of the Day: “I have done some things in life too late & others too early” – The Duchess  

So far I’ve managed to hold my own with the new class No one brought any pipe bombs into school that they found in the playground which is always a good start to the week 

Me and the teacher seem to work well together. I’m Roy to her Siegfried or Sam Tyler to her Gene Hunt.. Ask me again at half term, I may have a different take on it by then if they have all driven me insane, which I am sure they won’t as they seem like a decent placid enough bunch (famous last words).  


They’re nothing but big pussycats really.

“History bloody blah! It doesn't take a degree in Applied Bollocks to know what's going on”

Spent the weekend being all familyfied – we went swimming on Saturday (eventually – Thank you very much Leeds City Council for not updating the amended pool times on the Pudsey Leisure Centre website). Bman is still spitting at having to pay for the kids now that ‘Ant & Dec’ have pulled the plug on free swimming for under 16’s & the elderly (all of £1.50 each so whoop! That’ll be the country’s debts all cleared then!).

Then Sunday we did the whole Garden Centre thing and I even dug up weeds and planted out our purchases straight away when we got home rather than leaving them on the windowsill or in the shed to go rotten like I usually do.

Have decided to abandon plans to attend the Kinetic reunion this Friday as it has altered from a laid back, bring some booze and a tent and pitch up in a field on a mates’ farm kind of deal, to a more formal Wine Bar with security and everyone booked into a hotel gig, which sounds a lot more expensive. I will either be left to stump up for a room on my own at £50 a throw or bunk up (as it were) with someone else who I hardly know, and to be honest, that all sounds a bit too Porky’s / Alsager Posse for my tastes – it didn’t suit me back in ‘92/3:- being invited to share the bath with a gaggle of 18 year old girls (I shit you not) or being party to infidelity on a grand and very public scale thus ending up fireman’s lifting a half-naked young lady out of a room to safety before she was lynched by her paramour’s girlfriends’ friends – Seriously… Don’t ask! FYI Mum if you’re reading this; it wasn’t me, I was just there, and I don’t have anything to do with these people anymore (except DTR cos he’s cool and he wasn’t there that time anyway).  


(That was just for those of you who are still thinking about the 18 year olds in the bath.) 

 Bit breezy out tonight – arse-end of Hurricaine Earl maybe? Who knows? but it better not destroy my new plants. . . 




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