Scarborough Skank


I don’t watch Big Brother but I did spot this on Twitter:- 

 Ultimate Big Brother housemate Victor insults Scarborough on national television. 

Before the performance, as Chantelle put her pink wig on, Victor told her: ‘You look like a skank. You look like someone you might meet on a night out in Scarborough.’ 

Nadia asked “What is Scarborough?” as Victor laughed and replied: ‘Somewhere skanky.’ 

Read more: 

 I felt slightly affronted for about 2 seconds and then did my Earl Hickey face (like I did when I overheard my neighbours fighting next door – I was listening at the wall though a hi-ball glass at the time) and she asked him to keep his voice down “because they’ll hear you next door” and he yelled “I don’t bloody care cos she’s got a right f*&kin’ gob on her herself!” Again, felt a bit miffed at that for a microsecond and then did the Earl face (though without such a big moustache and no checkered shirt – To be honest I’d much prefer to look like Joy but I just don’t have the rack), but anyway, you know which face I mean – the one that says “Okay fair enough” – This is as close as I could find on Google images:- 

you know the face I mean


…and thought…. Touché Victor. 



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