Maudlin Thursday


Slept no better last night. Head now like a shed!

 Meant to be going to Boro tomorrow for 10 days but we have a catsitting issue, so me and the Bman have been arguing about that, which of course has spiralled into another silent stand-off of disappointed looks, raised eyebrows and both of us looking like we both wished we were anywhere but in each other’s company.


This is NOT what Love Is.  This is being married with children (and cats) and depressive tendencies that make you think for a micro-second that it might be better for the World if you weren’t in it.

Am taking the childerbeat to the movies shortly.  Sitting in the dark watching Tinkerbell & the Great Fairy Rescue won’t help but it’ll empty my useless, self-centered, pathetic brain for 90minutes until I have to come home again



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