Last Days of Summer


Name that Tune:  “On the inside the roses grow but they don’t mind the stony ground” – On the Inside, Lynne Hamilton 

Movie Quote of the Day:    “Prison is a creepy place, Kitty” – Superman Returns  

 Sorry for that last depressing post.  In fact No I won’t apologise.  I’m always apologizing.  Why should I apologise on my own blog. It’s my bloody blog and I’ll say what I like, I’m not living in Tibet here FFS!   

 So, anyway – I’m back from Boro, back on form and not taking any shit.  Y6 looms large this week and I have to learn to show no fear or the childerbeast will have me savaged like a child pulled off her bike by Rottweilers.  (Did I just say that out loud?) Bless you darling I hope you get well soon and I’m glad those horrid dogs were destroyed.  I don’t like big dogs like that, and who lets them roam about the streets?  To be fair it isn’t always just Rotties and Staffies and Pitbulls that savage people (although mostly it is).  I know someone who was once off work for a week when she was attacked by her Mother’s West Highland Terrier.  Sometimes even Westies blow their stack apparently. 

"You talkin' to me?"


  Whatever!  This is not telling you about my 10 day sabbatical to Scarborough and it’s environs.  I’d love to regale a tale of debauched nights out but I only went out drinking in town once and it was fairly quiet.  The rowdiest time was at my friend’s end of summer hogroast but I spent a lot of it painting children’s faces so missed out on a lot of drinking time, which, judging by the state of Bman the next day, was probably just as well.  Blame it on the Cola Cube flavoured Korky’s eh? 

Swim goggles – a much underrated fashion accessory


In short: we did all sorts of days out during our stay, a list of which is as follows:- 

 On Saturday me, the childerbeast & the MiL went to Jorvik Centre then to see this:  


 The next day me & the kids spent the whole day at the beach with my mum, who was also over for a few days.   

splashing with Mimi


 We also went to Robin Hoods Bay, Boggle Hole & Whitby with some friends.  Then on Wednesday we went with the MiL to Beamish Museum (we queued for ages because she tried to book online the night before but sacked it off because she said they posted the tickets out to you, which was no good as we were going the next day.  I have just looked at the website myself and the first thing that caught my eye was this:- 

 “Please note that actual tickets are not posted and will be ready for collection from the Museum’s Admission office on your selected date. Upon arrival at the Museum, please join the queue marked “prepaid tickets and returning members” for fast tracked entry into Beamish.” 


 On Thursday we went to Goathland & Beck Hole which was supposed to be Thomasson Foss but wasn’t or might be. who knows? (long story – can’t be bothered to explain) where one of our party tried to relive his mis-spent youth but realised that with age comes, not only receding hairlines, weight gain and crows feet, but sense and wisdom and the knowledge that, against all evidence that it should not be so considering our idiotic teens & twenties… we are all lucky to be still alive.  Step away from the cliff edge and do not attempt to tombstone into the water! 

Don't do it kids!


 A pictorial memoir might serve as a better record so I’ll whack more photos on at the bottom of the page, although I don’t have any pictures of the cats being put into a local cattery after a mere 48 hours (again, don’t ask!)  as I was too busy trying not to cry as I handed them over.  I like to think of Gollum being the Bea Smith character for the duration of her stay at Appletree Cottage Cattery and Pepper being her young cellmate bitch. – so I made up some of my own… 


     “I am not a number.  I am a free cat”  

Photojacked in Whitby


Boggle Hole


199 steps - Whitby

In short.  Good time (mostly) but glad to be home. 



PS: In order to fulfill a bet (for a third time… don’t ask!) I purchased this confectionery delight from the Rock Shop – it’s called ‘Womanhood’  

Licky Licky





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