Is there anybody out there? (apparently so…)


Name that Tune:   “…I’m not that hard to find.  Tell her she can look me up if she has the time” – If you see her say hello, Bob Dylan

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “At one time or another passion will make fools of us all” – Becoming Jane


Shortly we will be departing for the UFO hub of the north…. Todmorden.

 Keep watching the skies!

 If I don’t check in again before Thursday it’s because either (a) I was abducted in Tod by strange creatures (houseboat dwelling crusties or possibly aliens??) and am being probed for scientific purposes. 

Or (b) I got arrested trying to thieve a pair of jumbo fairy wings from a fancy dress store on Rufus Court.

Or (c) I was savaged by an escaped animal at Chester Zoo, which knowing my luck wouldn’t be anything as dramatic as a Tiger, it’s more likely be a pack of rabid Meerkats or similar. Not that I am suggesting that any of the animals at Chester Zoo are rabid in any way or that the security of their enclosures should be questioned at all.

Hopefully I’ll be fine…





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