Hair n Bears (with wings)


Name that Tune:  “Give me some air, it’s too funky in here…” – Too Funky in Here, James Brown 

Movie Quote of the Day:     “You did something to your hair…” – The Burbs 

 So after the last time my daughter tried to emulate her heroine with a new ‘do’ I dare not show her this latest press picture :- (Insanely Yours ) 


 I’ll be mostly hiding scissors and Bman’s electric hair trimmers today just in case. 

 On the subject of hair I just won myself some hair for Moorfest for £2 on eBay, which lets face it is a more temporary approach and less expensive than actually going to the hairdressers (which I haven’t done since I got a trim on holiday in Portugal in Feb 2009).   


Blue hair to match my blue wellies


   … and if I can manage to shoplift them out of the store or badger my Pops for them:- these bad boys from a Fancy Dress Store I found in Chester:- 


Must have them


  “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Dad, will you buy your 38 year old daughter some fairy wings?” 


Yes I am almost 40 and still like to dress up like a fairy from time to time… don’t judge me. 

 Oh yes.  Decided yesterday to have a flying visit to the old homestead, so we are booked in at Hotel Moss for Monday.  Set off early Monday morning by train to go straight to Chester Zoo, so The Bear can visit her adoptive Spectacled Bear.  Have a day in Chester on Tuesday doing whatever (shoplifting giant fairy wings probably) then back to sunny Sadford on Wednesday for a fast turnaround of baggage before heading to Moorfest on Thursday after lunch.  I am going to Skipton by train as there will be no room in the car for me once we get all the glamping gear in (and my sister).  I’m heading out earlier by rail, getting the essentials in Morridogs at Skipton: -wine, more wine, perhaps some gin and if funds suffice, maybe a loaf of bread & some crisps for the childerbeast.  Bman is then dropping off the others at site & coming to collect me from Skipton. 

In an ideal World I would arrive to find the tent pitched and done out like a Beduin yurt; a pot of Chai on the boil and a falafel burger & salad awaiting me.  But… the thought of someone else putting up my Big Blue Kahuna and arranging it just so, makes me come out in hives.  I’m most particular about the way I like things erected… 😉 

 Did consider taking the CB’s to Todstock today but TBH I can’t be arsed so we’ll go tomorrow when the Bman is off & we can go at least part of the way by car I think. 

As for the rest of today I think I shall clean, keep quiet, try not to offend or upset anyone (probably best not to speak then…) and generally do my best not to be unpleasant in any way. 

Tough task! 

“Nobody likes me everybody hates me I think I’ll go eat some worms” 

 Got a case of Paranoia & the Don’t Care Bears today.  It’ll pass once I’ve had a cuppa and a slice of toast I’m sure. 

Bonus though – got an all night pass out on Sept 10th so I can dance about in another field.  An old skool ravers reunion on a farm in Nantwich – not open to all comers though so if you want to go, you’ll have to ask me nicely and maybe, just maybe… I’ll tell you where it is… 😉 






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