Is it me or is everything just shite?


Name that Tune:   In honor of Homeserve I just can’t be bothered to think of one today 

Movie Quote of the Day:    Ditto above 

 You all owe me $10!!   

The plumbing dude didnt show and I could take the strain no longer and had to go round to my neighbour’s for a poo before I went to bed. 

 I opted for the softly softly approach on the phone this morning, not wanting to exhaust all my arsenal of wrath on the first poor soul who took my call, as I had the feeling I may be in it for the long haul today vis a vis Homeserve (AKA Homesnooze / Droneseve / Homewithoutaflushingloo_serves you right for not using our competitor / or simply 

After 2 phonecalls and demanding to speak to someone senior in the Complaint’s Department the explanation I received, such as it was, went a bit like this: 

 “I don’t really know what to say Mrs Brewer but you are right to think that this level of service is unacceptable” 

 Come again with that whole ‘level of service’ line?  What service have I actually had in the past 22 hours?  None.   That’s how much.  Bloody hopeless. I insisted upon “ an Engineer in my house with his hand down my U-bend lickety split!” 

 By 1pm a dude arrived, all apologetic and within 10 minutes he had replaced whatever defective gadget needed replacing and we had a fully functioning, flushing better than it did before, loo.  Nice! 

Homeserve: taking 'fashionably late' a bit too far...


 Half an hour later I had a call from Customer Services advising that the plumber who was meant to have come out last night has simply clocked off without doing our loo.  He is to be reprimanded and we’ve been offered, as a gesture of goodwill’ a £20 reduction on our annual premium.  Awesome! Gee thanks. 

 I think I will be switching suppliers then I will draft a strongly worded letter of complaint (oh how we love those) to the Complaints Department. 

 What is it with the service industry just being so crap? I even spotted spelling errors on AOL news online today.  It’s like the entire nation is suffering from terminal apathy.  No wonder the youth of today are going to hell in a handcart when the adults set such a poor example of work ethic, scruples, politeness & grammar.  Whatever next? BBC Newscasters delivering the news in txtspk: 

 “Like this bad fing ‘appened innit and like some old bird like she died yeah”


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