2 Days at the Museum


Name that Tune:  “Red red wine, goes to my head, makes me forget that I still need her so” – Red Red Wine, UB40 

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “Winter can be cold for those with no warm memories / and we’ve already missed the spring” – An Affair to Remember 

 Went to Leeds City Museum on Wednesday with the Bman and the childerB’s.  He was reluctant to join us of course but was tempted into my web of family one-ness when I tantalized him with the promise of seeing the ‘Leeds Mummy’ &  ‘The Armley Hippo’, which , let’s face it… who could fail to be tempted by that? 

 I’d include a picture but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you… you should go and see for yourself. 

 I did take a picture of the item which entertained our charges the most though when we went there on a school trip:-   

A seed pod in the shape of some buttocks – what’s not to like?


 Yesterday we carried on with the museum vibe and while the Bman went back to work we headed into the sprawling metropolis that is… Sadford town centre to the National Media Museum. 

 Kids’ clearly massively impressed by a Dalek:- 



 They also had an exhibition on Eastenders so you could see the actual iron that L’il Mo whacked Trevor with, Willy’s collar and the Doggy Doorstop that did for Dirty Den in the end and even Pauline Fowler’s tabard from the launderette.  (If you like that kind of thing) 

There was also Morph, the Smash Martians and Ray Harryhausen’s ‘Talos’ from Clash of the Titans (or was it Jason & the Argonauts?) and of course the one everyone loves the most – the blue screen / put yourself on TV thing:  Cool. 

I think I preferred the Dalek

I checked my bank balance, which was most definitely Not cool with still over a week until I get paid and Moorfest in the meantime;  so I shall be going most almightily overdrawn for some Tibetan Momo’s this time next week.  Story of my life! 

   I am still wingless because I have been faffing about too long and not found a pair which I think will suitably match my Hunters and to be fair, it really wouldn’t do if ones wings did not match one’s wellies. 

 A has made me some jewellery to wear at the festival but even though it’s fine to let rip a little while going feral, I may swerve on this one:-  Bless her though. 

"I pity the fool with a bracelet like mine"

 Today I am mostly having a day off from day’s out and staying in downloading (legally of course some handpicked choons for our after dark under canvas/round the firebowl entertainment and then I will be hunkering down in a nour infront of the box to make my children watch the all time classic ‘An Affair to Remember’.  (“It’s the closest thing to heaven”). 










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