T minus 1 day


Name that Tune:  ”I may not know it but these are the moments that I’m gonna remember most.” – The Climb, Miley Cyrus

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “It’s important to be supportive. Come on lets sing one of the old tunes. “When you’re sliding into home and your pants are full of foam, Diarrhoea” – Parenthood 

 One more day to go… I already got a box of chocolates as a leaving gift and I’m hoping for a bottle of wine to take camping on Saturday…

 We let the childerbeast sing to some chart stuff and Hannah Montana songs today in Music.  They loved it (well, most of them).  A bit of Bieber* and Miley and they’re happy. I got a bit of a lump in my throat when they sang ‘The Climb’ cos (a) I will miss them in September (b) they are all very lovely and sang it so sweetly  and (c) despite the shouty stern personality I am just a big fat softy really.   The Climb – Miley Cyrus

 And I’ll never be able to hear ‘Baby Baby Baby Ohhhhh’ or JLS ‘Beat Again’ again without remembering their little Golden Time Gleetastic song and dance routines.  Bless them!


On the subject of the joy of children (cos it’s not all tidying up and picking dirty grundies out of toyboxes, making dinners they don’t eat and going blue in the face from repeating yourself over and over): Now and then they just slay you with the beauty of just being themselves or confuse and bewilder you by getting undressed for a bath revealing that they have a Hannah Montana ink stamp on their buttcheek?? 




My youngest said at breakfast time this morning: “wouldn’t it be cool if you were made out of playdough cos you’d be all bendy and stuff”.


Indeed,  I think it just would.

 * – I had no idea who this kid was until about 6 weeks ago


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