All Greek to me


Name that Tune:     “Head of snakes; approach her cave, but don’t look in her eyes” – Medusa, Anthrax  

Movie Quote of the Day:   “I am your mother. And that means you’re not allowed to stay mad at me – Riding in Cars with Boys

How to embarrass your children 101 #15:- Go to work (i.e. their school) dressed as Medusa.  


Look into my eyes

Can I just point out it was Ancient Greek Day for some of the classes. I didn’t just rock up to work like this with the sole purpose of turning my offspring against me. To be fair, A was quite happy and gave me a wave in Assembly but R was a little more reticent to acknowledge me. I can’t think why?  


Have just ordered the most brilliant gift for a friend who’s birthday is coming up and they are also starting a new job, so it’s a bit of a joint prezzie. I can’t say too much in case she is reading, but suffice to say it is not a Jack Skellington toilet doily dolly. It still looks awesome though so I may have to borrow it myself.

2 more days until the big summer holidays which, by my calculation, makes it about 5 days before I lose all grip on reason and just start yelling at random passers-by in the street and start cracking open bottles of wine at lunchtime.  

I hear Holloway or Broadmoor are nice this time of year… 


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