Saturday remains the same


Name that Tune:       “A moment, a love, a dream, a lie, a kiss, a cry” – Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “Hello Wall…” – Shirley Valentine

Did myself a Moorfest mixtape this afternoon, which if course isn’t a tape all but a CD, but MixCd doesn’t sound as much fun. Am giving it a trial listen-through now on my headphones & trying to picture myself listening to it on tinny tiny speakers over and over in a rainbound tent surrounded by bored children, playing travel Connect 4 or Guess Who and drinking warm Vin du Cardboard Rouge from a plastic wine goblet (me not them – although a bit of the red grape might put them off to sleep).  This is of course  a worse case scenario.  Best case imagination scenario is me in full festival garb (this year I am thinking of dressing as the Absinthe Fairy for the duration, if only I can find a suitable pair of green wings); lounging on an inflatable sofa out front of the tent in the sunshine, looking cool and groovy and sipping magically chilled G&T from same plastic wine goblet.  I may take some maracas for a Beztastic dance around the old firebowl after dark.

 If only life could always be like a festival.  Wear what you like, drink whatever and whenever you want, talk to whoever you like and dance about in your wellies and fairy wings with your hair in bunches like you used to when you were 6.  Living the simple don’t-care life and going back to basics.  Natch I’d need a wireless laptop so I could still prattle to no-one and order in from Oddbins online, let’s not go nuts here, (and a wooden wigwam or a caravan for the winter months).

 I was going to write about how unhappy I currently feel about the distance growing between me and the Bman and how I wish he still looked at me with something akin to attraction instead of like he just wished I would go away and how I can’t remember the last time we cuddled up together and just enjoyed each others company… but I won’t because it’s Saturday and if people wanted to read about dismal shit they’d hunker down with one of those Dave Pelzer type books and a shot of Methadone.

 I think we’re turning into Charlie & Stella from the League of Gentlemen: League of Gentlemen – Charlie & Stella

 Hopefully we will enjoy our weekend camping trip next weekend (and hopefully the weather will stay dry).  We are going to Leyburn for 2 nights and spending Sunday at The Forbidden Corner Forbidden Corner Website which I hope the childerbeast enjoy as I have wanted to go there for the last 2 Summers and we’ve never made it.  If they, or the Bman don’t like it, I will never hear the bloody end of it!

 Seeing as it’s Saturday I shall treat myself to a picture of Steve Backshall who can investigate me for his Deadly 60 any day. – Well worth sitting through the end of Tracey Beaker for.  CBBC – The mums of the nation salute you. 

Me and Steve taking a bath together…. Hubba hubba soap me up Stevie baby


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