If u cn rd ths? LOL ROFLMAO, FFS!


Name that Tune:       “She’s a model and she’s looking good” – The Model, Kraftwerk 

Movie Quote of the Day:     “The claw is our master” – Toy Story 

You know it’s time to open some wine or give yourself a punch in the face when you find yourself welling up with tears on a Friday teatime when you think Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Mr & Mrs Potato Head are going fall into a furnace. 

 It’s an animated movie FFS.  A cartoon!!   Have a word with yourself woman!  Had to watch it though.  Those alien dudes are mint.  I still have a talking alien dude nightlight –see… 



 Got a new phone on Wednesday.  Nice.  Don’t know what make it is…Nokia I think.  It sends texts and takes pictures so I’m good.  I sussed out how to take off the predictive text and use a full stop.  (Got to have full stops, commas and semi-colons in my texts.)  I’m not averse to an OMG,  gr8, a l8, 2moro, UR, a LOL or of course, a FFS! but some kind of grammatical forcefield prevents me from using abbreviations like wot, gud, wen and Y.  I’ve tried but I end up cancelling and retyping it all.  I know it takes twice as long but the English Language student in me just won’t let it lie. 


My entry tonight is dedicated to Gilly Coman AKA Aveline “I’m going to be a model aren’t I?” Boswell from ‘Bread’ – another Gill leaving us too soon. 

"Where's me puddin'?"


 And ‘Facebook The Movie’.  The Social Network – Movie   Really?  Honestly? Do we not waste enough time on the blessed thing already without watching a film about it…   

Whatever next? – ‘Tax Credits The Musical’ starring Katie Price, John Barrowman and Orville…  I shall leave you with that image imprinted on your minds for the weekend. 




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