Sunday Slump


Name that Tune:       “But then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid” – Something Stupid,  Nancy Sinatra

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “I love technology, but not as much as you, you see… But I STILL love technology… Always and forever” – Napoleon Dynamite 

Spent a most enjoyable day in sunny Pudsey yesterday with the childerbeast.  Walked down ‘The Gib’ up to Waterloo Road and got on a purple bendy bus the rest of the way to Pudsey, much to the CB’s joy, as they have always wanted to go on one.  Took them swimming then on a fruitless Charity Shop trawl for Tea Party items and later sat in the park listening to the Battle of the Bands free mini-festival, which I had no idea was on but was very entertained by. 

 Bman was almost fully recovered from his Friday night out on the toon by the time we finally got back at teatime and a pleasant Saturday evening was had by all.

It was too good to last of course and today technology has decided to conspire against me and screw up my weekend.  This PC keeps telling me I have extremely low disk space despite my having cleared out a load of photos and music etc.  It has become so slow that I am able to click on a particular website and go away to have a bath and light meal before returning to see if the page has opened.  Glacial times!   The portable TV in the bedroom suddenly popped last night and now refuses to resume service, so now I am unable to watch something upstairs while the Bman watches his rubbish choice of TV delectation downstairs. Finally this afternoon I had a slight calamity whilst washing out the pedal bin (don’t ask!)  Short version is that I got a right soaking and so did my mobile which was in my trouser pocket.  I dried it all out and attempted to see if it still worked but all it did was continually vibrate (which although not an unpleasant sensation if returned back to trouser pocket) proved to be the only thing it would do.  It got extremely warm and the tiny LED light on it promptly melted.  Terrific!   So I am sans mobile until a replacement can be arranged and if it ends up being a new model it may well be a week before I fathom out how to use it.  Moral of that tale – Leave the bin alone – let someone else clean it out.

So.. no mobile, no TV and a PC almost not worth having.  The Luddites may have had a point.  I may start washing my clothes in the canal on a washboard and wringing them out in a mangle.


 I am going to bed now before anything else blows up/ melts/ drops to bits or Gazza turns up with a can of Special Brew, a pizza & a dressing gown.


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