Insanely Yours


Name that Tune: “Who you tryin to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know I’m loco?” – Insane in the Brain, Cypress Hill  

Movie Quote of the Day: “Some of my worst mistakes have been haircuts” – The Doors  

Actual child quote of the day for me has to be this:-  

“Dear Mr Roald Dahl. I am sorry to hear that you are dead”  

Brilliant! I think he would have appreciated that one.  

Kids are mint aren’t they? So unpredictable. So random. So amazing in their ability to drive you to the point of madness one moment and to the edge of reason with love the next. What the feck was going on in my daughter’s head this evening when, apropos of nothing, she decided to get out of bed, find a pair of craft scissors and give herself a Suzi Quatro haircut I do not know! 




The jumpsuit helps detract from the shit haircut!

 It would seem after some questioning that what was going through her head was that she wanted to (and I quote) “cut my hair to look like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.”  Come again? That’s it… No more bloody Harry Potter for this kid.  Age 5-6 silver jumpsuit over here please!    

You failed babydoll ‘cos it’s more of a Ron Weasley my friend.  Let it be the first in doubtless many a lesson on the consequences of an ill advised new ‘do”  

 I blame the humid weather for a nationwide outbreak of insanity. Cephalopods with supposed E.S.P. predicting the outcome of international football games making the 10 O’ Clock news and, not to be outdone, Mani the psychic parakeet is getting in on the act. I think I shall cash in and try and get my cat to predict me the lottery numbers for tomorrow’s rollover. Whatever nextPaul-the-psychic-octopus   psychic-parakeet 

5 British police forces failing to track down an armed gunman with a Mohican in a Northumberland village! I thought the steam from the iron had fried my brain as I could have sworn I heard while I ironed and watched the news earlier: “It is believed that the footballer Paul Gascgoine has now arrived in Rothbury in order to show his support for the fugitive gunman”. Never fear lads – Gazza’s here.  “Howaay man, gan an gi yersel up canny lad then we’ll gan doon the toon for a pint like”


Yours insanely

The DHW xX


PS.  Just when I thought the world had gone insane enough I spotted this gem on AOL news: Snoop Dogg in Corrie Cameo The D.O double G on the cobbles y’all – what’s my motherf*c*kin name? Am going to bed now before reality implodes and Octopi and Parakeets become the master race. . . 




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