I forgot what this post was called………


Name that Tune:       “Everybody makes mistakes, Everybody has those days” – Nobody’s Perfect, Hannah Montana 

Movie Quote of the Day:     “You’re making me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” – Hulk 

 The story of how today has gone will be brought to you via the medium of google image search… 
























Don’t ask! 

 Suffice to say I have been irritated from all angles beyond all capacity for sane thought process today. Then to top that all off, I came home and realized I had lost my mobile.  I don’t even use it that much (well okay, so I do text a fair bit and do use all my free minutes up per month) but I do rely on it as an alarm clock so in a slight panic about it’s whereabouts I went back to work and hunted around.  I eventually found it between the seat and the water cooler in the Staff Room.  I think I am losing my faculties and am on a downward spiral to dementia and……………….what was I talking about again?  Ah yes.  Phone.  Lost it.  Found it again.  Awesome! 

On the upside (‘cos there usually is one) is this not the best housewarming present EVER for a friend with a new gaff who is a Tim Burton fan?  Feign to deny it… You know you want one…   


Jack’s back, he’s all gussied up & he’s guarding your spare loo roll

Available only from The DHW Freaky Loo Roll Cover Co for £9.99 (loo roll not included)Am going in the bath with Terry Pratchett now to soak my aching body and drink wine to take the edge off. 

 Chester Y Fronts tomorrow after work.  It’s Bro’s birthday and Village Carnival time again.  Snail and Terrier racing ahoy! (although not against each other of course ‘cos that would just be ridiculous.) 

Let’s hope the Ferris Wheel guy doesn’t collapse for dead, leaving my kids stranded on the top car like last year. 


Ciao Tutti! Xx 



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  1. I forgot what this post was called???…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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