Midsummer Mumbles


Name that Tune:    “Stonehenge, Tis a magic place where the moon doth rise” – Stonehenge, Spinal Tap 

 Movie Quote of the Day:   “You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it.” – Easy Rider  


Midsummer sky above my head this afternoon


So today marks the lesser sabbat of Litha, Midsummer Solstice or the Longest Day of the Year.  

I wanted to get married on Solstice Day back in 2002 but wasn’t allowed because it was a Friday and “it would make it too awkward for people to take time off work” so it had to be the 22nd instead. (Family members will know where I’m going with this but it’s okay – 8 years on and I’m over it and looking forward immensely to my sister’s **Friday** wedding in 2011.)  Mwah! Hugs & big kisses, I love you all dudes ;-p 

Anyway, today I was feeling the draw to be at one with the Earth so I took off my shoes at work and went barefoot to supervise an outdoor games sesh.  I also felt the urge I get every year to be one of the several thousand who make pilgrimage to Stonehenge – until that is I came across this Tweet on Twitter:- 

 “I’m at Stonehenge for the Solstice. It’s not what it used to be; the 3GS druids are fighting with the 4GS druids. And Merlin’s lost his iPad!” 

 Paganism certainly isn’t what it used to be… 

 Am pretty sure that the only thing that stops me from home schooling my childerbeast in a remote commune somewhere and living on mung beans and lentils and drinking fresh goats milk on a daily basis (and copious mead of course) is that I can’t drive…This limits somewhat my yearning to roam free the fields of England’s green and pleasant.  Taking public transport rather takes the edge off those innate nomadic instincts. 

 My (almost) Midsummer first-born enjoyed a good birthday party on Saturday with a regular inoffensive bouncy castle that came on time; didn’t burst, despite several attempts to do so by persons who should know better and no significant hospitalization required injuries were suffered.  And it didn’t rain. 


Don't pop it big fella!

 I was also rather pleased with my iced buns. 


A veritable pyramid of E-numbers!





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