Nil Nil No No


Name that Tune:       “So starstruck, baby you could blow my heart up.” – Starstruck, Lady GaGa

 Movie Quote of the Day:     “Maybe we should go on the bouncy castle to take our minds off it?” – Hot Fuzz

 Slightly disturbed at sight of Lorraine Kelly in an issue of NEW magazine, dressed up as Lady GaGa…  “Rah raaah oooh la la. Can you see my growlaaaar?”

 So anyway, after being sucked into watching an entire football match just because it was England. My kids were all like; “Yay let’s watch it & chant En-ger-land En-ger-land and wave home made flags”  (and generally wind the hell up out of their long suffering father with a constant monologue of inane questions and wittering about penalties). I am now thinking that perhaps…. maybe…. The England Squad have been caught in the web of En-ger-land fever themselves and partaken of too many Morridogs ‘Footie Fan’ cream donuts. 

WTF?? – What a load of faffing about!  Bloody Nil Nil to Algeria FFS!  (and Stevie Gerrard didn’t even take off his shirt at the end – double rip –off!)

 The 2 England games I have seen thus far are making watching Big Brother sound more appealing by the minute… and bloody hell that’s saying something.

Had a scare today when the niece of the Bouncy Castle man mentioned casually that he was away on holiday and that all his stock was locked up in the garage.  I rang his mobile and got no answer.  I collared a relative this afternoon and have been assured that my booking still stands and something inflatable shall arrive tomorrow morning as per my booking.  I have a back-up bouncy castle man’s number on standby just in case it either a) doesn’t turn up or b) worse – turns up but resembles that one that X-Rated one they had on ‘Phoenix Nights’.  – (click here to see: Phoenix Nights )

I’ve started drinking already just to take the edge off….





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