It’s Party Time!


Name that Tune:       “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” – It’s My Party, Lesley Gore

Movie Quote of the Day:     “Do you consider yourself humorous? / I used to. There was a time when I found myself funny, but today you have proven me wrong. Thank you.

Date set for London trip in Summer hols and a for my Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  Now I need to create Queen of Hearts outfit that doesn’t make me look like a complete dog’s dinner. 

Well, to be fair, dog’s dinner kind of goes without saying if I am making it myself but I just don’t want an outfit I can buy off the peg.  I say off the peg when I actually mean… from eBay where any attempt to search for Queen of Hearts outfit will throw up 14 pages of pvc Anne Summers numbers that would make a gynaecologist out of anyone within 30 paces and will be, in all likelihood a cast-off from a hen-do or Eyes Wide Shut type masquerade party.  Well, dry cleaned or not dry cleaned – this tea party is a family affair and has no room for any sartorial ensembles that can be wiped clean with a dishcloth!

Eat me indeed!

No No No No No!

 Before all that though, it’s the Bear’s 7th birthday party on Saturday.  I have a bouncy castle coming & 13 kids, so fingers crossed for a fine day otherwise they’ll all be indoors & I shall be wringing my hands together between the hours of 2 & 5pm (doubtless clasped around a cocktail shaker full of hard liquor and shaking it vigorously).    I am already cracking up about it.  I have searched the house for 2 days for 2 packs of Age 7 balloons I ordered from ebay and lost without a trace, stashed away somewhere ‘in a safe place’, only for them to arrive today.  I must’ve dreamt that they had already come.

Went to Morridogs today to get last minute party items but I just got annoyed at the amount of England tat on offer in a scandalous attempt to get the more vulnerable to part with their cash.  I realise the nation is divided at the moment into those people who have England flags on their cars and houses and those who do not (I do not); but ‘Footie Fan’ Cream Donuts?  Really?  Surely a ploy to get the ladies in on the World Cup fever.  A cream donut with a lame attempt at a red cross in strawberry sauce drizzled across the top.  FFS!    Just Vuvuzela right off with your England Tic Tacs & tacky plastic breakfast bowls on the shape of England shirts!   



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