Dress You Up


Name that Tune:       “Knew you’d be here tonight so I put my best dress on”  – Slow, Kylie 

Movie Quote of the Day:     “Well you two are anything but dull!” – The Da Vinci Code 

A few weeks ago, on a mission to test out a few bridesmaid dress ideas for my sister’s wedding next May I decided to check out the quality and value for money etc of the designer of this little number from a store I found on ebay:-    

Just because….


It probably isn’t the right colour for the wedding and I have nowhere else to wear it.  (I don’t flit in the correct social circles to play butterfly in anything like this.)  But I say “Fuck it!”   I shall wear it at the Ilkley Moor Music Festival in August, either barefoot if the sun’s out, or with my powder blue Hunters & a Kagoule if it’s a mudbath.  Cocktail gowns + wellington boots are a much underrated fashion statement I say. 

 Good to see I am not the only female out there saying To Hell With It.  Great to see that the fabulous Bloggess thinks along the same lines.  The Traveling Red Dress 

  The photographer is coming on Friday June the 11th to do the 2010 Staff Mugshot, which coincides with my Mancunian trip to see Ian Brown + others after work. I can feel a visit to ebay and a ‘screw the inappropriateness’ outfit coming on. 





or even    


Although to go with the flow of making it a Red Dress, I rather like this baby:- 



 [Note to self vis a vis photo: regardless of oufit;  must try not to look so fat and drunk this year!] 



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