& Dust to Dust….


Name that Tune: “I’m happy, I hope you’re happy too” – Ashes to Ashes, David Bowie

Movie Quote of the Day: “I was trapped near the inner circle of thought” – Defending Your Life


Oh my word I totally love Gene Hunt even more now that I know who he really is and what he does, and the fact that I wasn’t far off with my idea of the truth. Daniel Mays’ DCI Keats character was terrifyingly creepy. Right up there with that Preacher dude on Poltergeist 2 or Mia Farrow’s neighbour in Rosemary’s Baby.

A brilliant ending to a fabulous series. I may have to start watching them all again from the beginning now and bring a bit of John Simm back into my life (and why wouldn’t you?)

My Friday evenings may never be the same again but I am almost considering joining the police force just so there’s an outside chance of being K.I.A. and being lead to the pub by the Gene Genie… (Yes I realize it’s just a show and not really real blah blah blah but you have to admit – How cool would it be?) I’ll probably end up dying in a freak P.E accident – impaled with a foam javelin or buried alive by bean bags, space hoppers & plastic cones one day when I open the P.E. cupboard without due care and attention. No Gene Genie as my guiding light. I’ll end up with some Miss Trunchbull or Professor Snape type and spend eternity in the sisyphean task of trying to teach children the difference between Their, They’re & There and Where, Were, Wear & We’re.

All hail the Genie and make mine a pint with a whisky chaser…Here’s some of my favourite words of wisdom from him:-

“A little smack & the whiff of Brut up their nostrils knocks ‘em bandy

“I’m Gene Hunt, Your DCI, It’s 1973. Nearly dinner time. I’m ‘aving ‘oops!”

“Drugs, eh? What’s the point. They make you forget, make you talk funny, make you see things that aren’t there. My old grandma got all of that for free when she had a stroke.”

“The dealers are all so scared we’re more likely to get Helen Keller to talk. The Paki in a coma’s about as lively as Liberace’s dick when he’s looking at a naked woman, all in all this investigation’s going at the speed of a spastic in a magnet factory.”

I shall miss him…

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