Lurgies & the Ultimate Lunchbox


Name that Tune:    “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other”  

Movie Quote of the Day:    “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try” – Empire Strikes Back 

 I have a sore throat, high temperature and blocked sinuses which serves me right for being all caring and Matronly with a small person yesterday who was suffering the same symptoms and I sat with them for far too long obviously and now I have the lurgy too.  

Good news though. Pops has offered to collect the childerbeast from me on the evening of the Ian Brown gig in Platt Fields Park so I shall go to the ball after all. Well, it’s not a ball, it’s a gig in a field and it might rain (it is in Manc after all) but I don’t care because also, it might not – it could be gloriously hot and me and my siblings can drink warm beer in the sun with Bernard Sumner, The Monkey Man himself and shake our bootys to the Scratch Perverts and if Ian Brown does ‘Reign’ with U.N.K.L.E. then I will be able to lay down and die on the grass because my life will be complete.  


My childerbeast decided they needed new lunch boxes for school so rather than go for the standard HSM or Cute Puppy/Kitten (delete as applicable) available from Morridogs & Asda I thought I‘d see what was on offer on eBay.  

You gotta have a cool lunchbox right? One that isn’t the same as everyone elses so you don’t get it mixed up on the lunch trolley.  I must have washed out every HSM lunchbox in the school in the last 6 months when R has brought the wrong one home. I think *my* idea of a cool lunchbox differs substantially from the ideas of my children though.  

I mean who wouldn’t want their egg mayo sarnies and dairylea cheese strips packed up in this bad boy?  


Or toting the old ham butty and Munch Bunch yoghurt in one of these babies?   


My lunchbox, this is.

 It even has the original Roughneck Flask!  


roughneck retro

 But from the sublime to the ridiculous you could be the talk of the dining hall (and possibly stoned to death in the playground afterward) or at the very least, spend the rest of your school years ostracized by your peers or bringing your bait in one of these quality collectors items:-  


You’re never fully dressed without one….

You can tell by the way I eat my lunch I'm a woman's man



The childerbeast weren’t impressed, so for now they can eat their lunch from boxes the same as everyone else and follow the herd into the dining hall like clones. I’m going to fire me up a Lemsip and see if can find myself a bit of a Gene Hunt lunchbox – ooer missus. 

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