New Kids on the Block


Name that Tune:     “ Join hands (join, come on), start a love train (ride this train, y’all)” – Love Train, The O’ Jays  

Movie Quote of the Day:      “Nice firm handshake – I like that in a man!” – Night at the Museum  

 Let’s talk politics…  

“It’s 2.15pm in the Downing Street rose garden and welcome to the Dave and Nick Show. Not quite Eric and Ernie, still less Ant and Dec, but it’s what we’ve got until Thursday 7 May 2015, if the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have their way. Hard to think that these two men were tearing strips off one another as recently as last week. The election campaign saw David Cameron accusing Mr Clegg of holding the country to ransom. Mr Clegg accused the Tory leader of breathtaking arrogance. But all that’s been ironed out, and they’ve even been sitting together inside Number 10 doling out cabinet jobs in stereo. “  

By Gary O’Donoghue Political correspondent, BBC News  

The BBC steamed in with the all too obvious Ant & Dec analogy regarding our new Leaders before I had a chance to get home from work and blog about it myself.  




Nick & Dave – BFFs


PJ & Duncan (they're a bit like Ant & Dec you know)

So instead I shall go with the question:- How tall is George Osborne compared to David Laws? or was he just standing on a higher step on the way up to the front door of Number 10 with his new Lib Dem sidekick when they shook on it for the sake of the assembled presspack?  

He’s thinking: “The twat could have at least stood on a lower step to even things up a bit”

 I wonder if, as Dave & Nick strolled away from the Rose Garden of Number 10, they were making small talk just for the show of the cameras like me and the Bman were told to do by our wedding videographer as we nonchalantly walked through the garden at The Moss 8 years ago. “Just say anything, it won’t be heard on the final edit” says Video Dude. “Just act natural”, he shouts as we started walking away (which is of course, impossible to do the minute anyone you don’t really know asks you to ‘act natural’.) 

 I seem to remember us mumbling something like; “How yer doin then? You okay?” and then; “Christ I’m gagging for a drink I wish he’d hurry up so we can get to the bar”. I imagine the conversation today was along similar lines…  

I wonder if Mr Brown took all the lightbulbs & door handles with him when he left just to be awkward or hid an old kipper inside a curtain rod as a parting gift? I guess we’ll never know. 

 First coalition Government in 70 years – should be interesting. Let’s see how it pans out… 


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