Hell in a Handcart


Name that Tune: “And there’s nothing you can do, It’s all just bits of paper flying away from you” – Road to Hell, Chris Rea

Movie Quote of the Day: “You tricked me, you black-hearted whore” – Drag me to Hell

So I survived the night to blog another day, although, to be fair, I’m amazed…. I chose to spend what may have been (in my overactive imagination) my last night on this mortal coil, coochied up in bed with the Bman watching a movie. What movie did we select from our extensive collection for what may have been my last ever televisual experience? A classic like ‘La Dolce Vita’ perhaps? My all time fave, ‘A Room With a View’ maybe? ‘The Grapes of Wrath’? ‘Spartacus’? or the legend that is.. ‘Love Story’?


I spooned up to my husband to watch ‘Drag me to Hell’!  (The irony did not escape either of us.)

 I was sucked in by the fact that it was made by Sam Raimi of classic horror; ‘Evil Dead’ fame but I should have know what to expect when I read the tagline; ‘’The Scariest Movie of the Decade’.  Hmmm? Only if all the other movies you had ever watched in the last 10 years had starred Noddy & Big Ears or Thomas the Tank Engine. Frankly, the peril of Thomas getting slightly derailed by a stray cow on the line whilst delivering coal would have been more scary a movie.

What a crock of shite!

Excellent movie to watch if you were playing a drinking game involving shooters of tequila every time there was an obvious story turn or a horror film/cartoon type cliché. Please!  Who has an anvil raised at roof height by a fraying rope in their garage? Who? I tell you who – Road runner that’s who!   Yeah so the old lady in it was vile but the effects were just worse than shite.

Bman & I exchanged glances in the first 5 minutes that wordlessly screamed; “OMG this is going to be total bobbins!”  Drag me to Hell for buying the heap of crap DVD in the first place. It’s going on eBay at the weekend…


On the subject of a load of old bollocks & being dragged to hell:- The UK voting system – What’s the crack? A Hung parliament apparently, yet we are turning students away at the polling stations in college towns ahead of permanent residents; Not enough ballot papers to go round at the polling stations; People queuing in the rain for hours and then not being allowed to vote. It’s not bloody Uzbekistan FFS! Tempted as I am to scream, “Get out of bed a bit earlier then!” at the disgruntled populous waiting under their brollies. I realize that not everyone is able to vote between the hours of 9-5 (but that’s a good enough reason than any to register to vote by post).  What a cock-up! & goodness knows what we shall end up with now.

 I’m considering a move somewhere abroad with a more stable and common-sense approach to running the Country & the Economy – I hear Greece is very nice this time of year…



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