News according to the DHW


Name that Tune:       “And though the news was rather sad well, I just had to laugh” – A Day in the Life, Beatles

 Movie Quote of the Day:     I’ll have three fingers of Glenlivet, with a little bit of pepper… and some cheese.” – Anchorman 

 Just to show that I can in fact keep myself abreast of current affairs after displaying my ignorance of all things in the real world  with glass eye-gate I have chosen some of my favourite news items from this week for your Friday delectation.

 Firstly: – Drop the Bomb!! Ya gotta love to hate the man.     Camber Sands! (?) “Whoop! make some motherf*cking noise y’all”  Put your hands in the air and make an ‘L’…

 Next:  Chinese, children hating insaniacs & bandwagon-jumping copycat loonytunes.  WTF is going on there?

 Perhaps they were all ex-teaching staff taking a leaf from Peter Harvey’s book. I know what he did was wrong, but I am glad he was cleared of attempted murder.  Poor guy sounded as though he had a rare old time of it, and to be fair he had been sorely provoked and goaded.

My OMG Are U Serious? award goes to this story|uk-ws-bb|dl1|link5|   

“Um Hello’ someone call the Emergency Psychologist here as I think this lady may have some unresolved latent separation issues.

Also, with a view to keeping myself in the picture, I watched Avatar this evening to see what all the fuss was about.  Albeit it wasn’t in 3D and not on a big screen but to be honest it wasn’t really anything storywise that hasn’t been done before.  Boy meets girl, she happens to be 9ft tall & blue and rides about on a winged chameleon of some description but she’s pretty handy with the old Archery. 

In a nutshell – Humans & arsenal of weapons = Bad.     Blue dudes with symbiotic relationship with nature = Good.      A few from each faction die and the Hero & Heroine live happily ever after (probably/possibly)?       Again, I realize I am missing the massive concept of the 3D and the CGI on the Big Screen but generally, I just thought it was Okay. 

  If Bman had fessed up with quite how many Damns, Shits, Bullshits, Craps & Bitches were in it I may not have let him take the childerbeast to see it when it first came out.  (although to be fair, they will have heard worse from me on a red mist roll bawling them out for leaving their room in a shambles).

 I particularly liked these robot whatsits and I wonder if, under a possible new government, schools will  be able to stump up for one of these bad boys to be used on playground duty or crowd control on Sports Day? 


Probably not but it'd be cool eh?

 And Finally… Here is a picture of a cute cat.

 The weather this weekend will be mostly wet because it’s a Bank Holiday and it’s some kind of Old English Byelaw that it has to piss down.




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