Feeling Crafty


Name that Tune: “Typical me typical me typical me, I started something…” I started Something – The Smiths

Movie Quote of the Day: “I give myself very good advice But I very seldom follow it that explains the trouble that I’m always in” – Very Good Advice, Robert Smith

I know I’ve been a bit quiet but frankly I’m on a roll craftwise. I’m up to my elbows in giant playing cards, flamingo templates for my mallets, an oversized grinning cat and a half finished Mad Hatter’s titfer.

 I have my eye on some leftover willow from the arches recently planted on the school field with a view to constructing a willow withie lantern in the shape of a caterpillar. I wonder if the Sri Lankans next door would oblige by lending us their Hookah pipe if I invite them round for a game of flamingo croquet and a bit of the old Drink Me.

Yes. The plans for the Summer Tea Party are well under way.   This baby is going to run and run and keep me entertained for far too long.

Am also in the process of painting 25 empty 4 litre milk cartons black so we can make Grecian vases for our Ancient Greece topic.   And am on the case to borrow a 40ft sq Labyrinth to set up on the field so we can act out the tale of Perseus & the Gorgon (why not?)

What was it Plato apparently said?

“You can learn more about a person during an hour of play than during an hour of conversation”.

The Darlings will love it!

All this and a vote to cast for a political party. But which one? Decisions.  Decisions.   Even Bman has sent off his postal vote this time around whereas he usually doesn’t bother.  I’ve studied the manifestos online (all of which needed *justifying in my personal opinion) and have made my choice, which I will keep to myself, but suffice to say is a check in a different box from last time…

* as in paragraph alignment but… read into it what you will


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