Addendum to today’s post and as an afterthought to the whole ‘who should we vote for?’ thing and to illustrate just how out of touch some people (i.e. Me) are, as regards who holds the country’s purse strings and has their finger on the red button so to speak.

I only found out the other the day that Mr Gordon Brown has a glass eye!

I think I probably Did know but had filed that information away somewhere in my head or associated it with someone else.

 A glass eye? Seriously? How did I let that one slip past me (as it were).  Man alive I know nothing!   Head too full of other fluff I suppose.

I mentioned it to Bman at teatime the other day when I found out, and almost immediately regretted speaking out, as I felt sure I was going to spend the next 48 hours being derided about my ignorance but was pleasantly relieved when he said in all astonishment: – “Has he really? Well, I never knew that”. 

 So we DO have things in common after all, my husband & I…  We’re both fucking clueless in the world of current affairs.

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