Name that Tune:  “You’ve had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving low, go ask Alice, I think she’ll know” – White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane

Movie Quote of the Day:  “We’re all a bit mad here” – Alice in Wonderland

So, my idea to throw the childerbeast an Alice in Wonderland themed garden party in the holidays has mutated into a mammoth mission of theatrical proportions.

I can’t just do a shop bought cake, a pack of those freaky pink marshmallow & coconut biscuit things that kids always eat at parties then stick ‘Now That’s What I call Music 372’ on the CD player & leave ‘em to it. No no no

I’m thinking:- a gazebo draped in red, black & white voile panels; I’m thinking home made one-off costumes – none of this Disney Store shiny shit for flipping £25 a throw. Uh Uh!

I spoke to the school caretaker and he’s willing to give the flamingo head croquet mallets a try if I provide him with a template, although he did look at me as if I had gone completely insane. (All the best people are you know?). Hey, if you’ve got the skills there’s nothing that cannot be achieved with some MDF & a Black & Decker jigsaw.

I am even, as we speak, in the process of constructing a 3 foot tall toadstool and caterpillar and a Cheshire Cat in 3 parts & some giant playing cards, all presently residing in the stock room at work. I am even considering setting the whole shebang up around our camping space when we go to Moor Music Festival in August. Solar fairy lights on the tent? Muah ha ha ha ha  Amateurs! 😀   I’m going for it with the full Jefferson Airplane, ‘White Rabbit’ experience, via the medium of arts, craft & fancy dress (with a little help from Gaymers Pear no doubt and perhaps a cheeky Cuervo or 2 for the grown-ups). THIS has become my new pet project. 🙂 

You haven’t heard the last of this one…

**Bman shakes head incredulously & resigns self to fact that he will end up getting dressed up as the Mad Hatter**


Went to Big Asda en famille after work. We needed apples and some fresh veg yet somehow succeeded in spending just shy of £130. How d’ya like THEM apples?

Bloody hell!

At least there were some beers and ciders in the trolley for that price otherwise I would have been really miffed. And, to be fair, it did include a pair of jeans and 2 school summer uniform dresses for the childerbeast so it wasn’t all useless crap.

Been invited to a birthday BBQ tomorrow at 1630hrs. Veggie burger times! 



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