Le Bien La Mal


Name that Tune:   ”Nobody’s invincible, no plan is foolproof, We all must meet our moment of truth” – Moment of Truth, Gang Starr  

Movie Quote of the Day:   “Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!” – The Wedding Singer  

Firstly: R.I.P. to Guru from Gang Starr. Gone but never forgotten. Here’s my favourite track from his 1993 album Jazzmatazz along with the sexiest voice in rap ever- Mc Solaar. Who couldn’t love a French rapper – he could be saying anything and it’d sound great “Oooh la la cherie, your mother has a glass eye with a fish in it, mais oui bebe ”   Guru & MC Solaar Le Bien La Mal 

 Volcanic ash. What’s the SP?   Come on, I’ve done well to not bring it up yet and it’s been disrupting European travel for like a week now. I’ve a friend stuck somewhere on Company expenses with no urgency to return home (Yay! 2 more of your finest cognacs over here please barman & fuck it! It’s not my money, throw in couple of packets of scampi fries aswell).  



stick it all on my tab

I also have a friend stuck abroad who was meant to be home last Thursday and was last heard from fashioning a raft from her luggage and attempting to paddle across the Atlantic to get home (Crap Shit bollocks! Who’s bloody idea was this ‘short’ Spanish break?).  


faster, faster

My heart goes out to any families stuck and stinking with a tribe of whining childerbeast, depleted funds, Duty Free store sold out of souvenir knickers, no more drawing paper for the kids; pencil crayons in dire need of sharpening and all the emergency cereal bars well and truly eaten.

Send out a Red Cross drop of amphetamines & Wrigleys Extra for all I say – Stave off the appetites, get everyone chatting and making new pals in the airport – someone there must be a DJ – get them to set up their decks, bust out the old skool vinyl and rave on down till the flights start up again.

“What’s your name? Where you trying to get back to? What’ve you had?”

  Sorted! (This idea is one of the many reasons why I should probably NOT ever become Prime Minister).

FYI, to all the concerned persons who kindly commented or text, emailed or called to check that I hadn’t actually hurled myself infront of a passing car. I am perfectly fine, I was just having a whine. Hey that rhymes. Am sure Bman isn’t going to leave home (because I’ve hidden his car keys and shoes – I haven’t really, but it is an idea…)  He doesn’t have anywhere else to go and to be honest, neither have I, so like one of the songs says on our wedding video (which I watched the other day BTW) I guess we’ll each have to say “I’m happy to be stuck with you”.

My good friend once told me that if ever I was doubting the love in my marriage I should re-watch my wedding video and if I failed to be moved by it then Yes, it probably was time to pack up and leave. As I said, I watched it again recently and I was moved and I didn’t pack, so that’s good.   

I also noted that the fireworks display lasted 10 minutes and I got a hot sweat about how much that must have cost. I also noticed that my brother does appear more times than I thought once the ceremony actually begins. I had him down for 2 cameos but it’s actually 3, as he does pop up like some kind of ‘Where’s Wally’ character just after the fireworks.

I also counted at least a dozen guests who I haven’t seen since and another 2 who are sadly no longer with us.

 I still especially enjoy the parts with the surreptitious spliff passing at one of the tables from some of the guests (you know who you are) and during one of the Master of Ceremonies’ (aka The BFG’s) rambling blurbs, the look on mine & my Pops’ faces that clearly says; “shut this doofus up before I pull the plug on that microphone”.

I only hope that my beautiful little sister’s wedding will be as fabulous as ours and that they have a great video record of their Big Day next May. Thank you again, almost 8 years on to Mimi & Pops for throwing us such an amazing day. Xxxxx 




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