Afternoon Beer with Roy Kinnear


Name that Tune:   “Upon my path, upon my way. The wasted days are history, the future is a mystery” – Own Brain, Ian Brown

Movie Quote of the Day:  “Have you ever fallen in love with someone you haven’t even talked to? Have you ever been so alone you spend the night confusing a man in a coma?” – While You Were Sleeping

Today I shall attempt to transcribe a conversation between me and my friend which took place last night on my couch, after several beers which started (as these things often do) as just having ‘the one drink’ sometime earlier in the garden whilst enjoying a rare afternoon of sunshine.

Anyway, several empty cans later….

Her: Me & my husband are like that guy. You know the one?”

Me: No, continue…

Her: Him with the emu

Me:  Oh aye yeah

Her: Roy Kinnear, that’s him.

Me: No no, it was Rod Hull

Her: Dead!

Me: Yup, fiddling with his aerial trying to get Match of the Day

Her: Roy Kinnear?

Me: Rod Hull

Her: Anyway, Roy Kinnear…

Me: …Fell off a horse, filming something

Her: Yeah, he was in that one…’While You Were Sleeping’ with Sandra Bullock

Me: Was he? I don’t remember that? What part did he play?

Her: Can’t remember but it was him, I’m sure of it.

Me: The one with all the towels at right angles, that’s how she knew he was in the house.

Her: Roy Kinnear?

Me: The husband, but no Roy Kinnear was definitely not the husband

Her: They weren’t married. He was in a coma & I don’t remember any towels

Me: Roy Kinnear?

Her: No, anyway, Rod Hull & Emu that’s what me & my husband are like  

Me: Which one’s which?

Her: Emu was the blue bird.

Me:  I know that! Which one of you is Emu & which one’s Roy Kinnear

Her: Rod Hull?

Me: Yeah, Rod Hull

Her Husband: What the Fuck are you two on about?

Me: Roy Kinnear was in ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ apparently

Her: No not ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’

Me: Ohhh I see. I still don’t remember him in that

Her: Oh wait up it wasn’t ‘While You Were Sleeping’ it was “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’

Me: WTF! How is that anything even remotely like ‘While You Were Sleeping.?

Her: Hahahahahahaha dunno!

Me: Do want another beer?

Her Husband: Christ!!! ***holds head in hands***

True story…






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